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Why did my price change?

We love our customers. As lifelong Alaskans, we understand the struggle of limited resources, and often steeper prices than our "lower 48" friends. How many times have you tried to order something from a US company, only to find out they "don't ship to Alaska". Or, one of my favorites, shipping suddenly costs more than to product itself?! Serving the Interior independently means we have to outsource our product from Kenai.

Tesoro, now Andeavor, Refinery in Kenai produces and supplies us with propane. Therefor, our price fluctuates with their price to reflect costs associated with acquiring and transporting the product.

At Propane Alaska, we do our absolute best to keep your price down. Our owners/managers drive to Kenai and haul the propane to Fairbanks themselves. We carry the cost change as long as possible. However, from a business perspective, it will be necessary to change your price at times, as propane is a fluctuating cost.

Remember, at Propane Alaska LLC, we always welcome comments, suggestions, or questions. We appreciate your support in keeping Fairbanks local and allowing us to do what we love.

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